Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sylvan Street Grille

12 Sylvan Street
Peabody, MA
(978) 774-1724

We've eaten at the Sylvan Street Grille just a few times since it's only a mile from our house. I doubt I'll bother going back, since the food is absolutely nothing special.

Basically it's just another casual dining place with pretty pictures of the food on the menu. What's brought to your table might only somewhat resemble that picture. Overall, you can have a comparable dining experience at Applebee's for around the same price. Or better yet, save your money and go someplace else or eat at home.

The last lunch I ate there was a chicken sandwich, that looked great in the picture. Nice grill marks with lots of sliced avocado and bacon strips. However, what was brought to me was a small, dried out chicken breast with no flavor, on a cheap hamburger bun, with a sparse amount of avocado and bacon over it. It then occurred to me that my other dining experiences there were similar, so why return?

I rate this a 2 out of 5.

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